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Here's a funny Little cartoon from the creators of south park


Beware though it is by no means work safe.

Another oh so near!!!

So once again England go out on pentalties, I'm sure (even if your not English) you'll agree that it's the worst way to lose. Even more so given England's history with penatly shoot outs.

Thing is normally you always feel that were not good enough to go all the way. But this time I really felt we could do it. I have to say though David Beckham played terrible throughout the whole tournament. Ashley Cole and Wayne Rooney were our only saviors.

I have to stop talking about this now because I'm too emotional. Oh well only another two years until I get to feel shit again!

It's all falling into place

So I went to Magaluf on my Almost brother in law's stag do. It was such a cool time, I'm not going to go into it now I'll wait until the photos are up. Which may take a while because for some reason I can't connect to my FTP.

Otherwise things are going fairly well. I'm off on yet another holiday in two weeks this time to tenerife with Roy and John. Also I received my first correspondence from one of the universities I applied to. They sent me an interesting questionnaire to fill out, so interesting that it's now making me reconsider my first choice.

While this one is not my initial first choice it sounds more interesting than I first thought. Only thing is it's in Canterbury and screws up my plans of coming home most weekends. But if it's a better course I think that may have to be sacrifice I have to make.

It's creeping up really fast too, in September I'm gone and that's only two months away. It's starting to dawn on me that my life is gonna be totally changed, I'll be honest..I am scared. But it's a good scared, I suppose maybe it's more nerves than fear.

I'll just be glad to be doing something that I enjoy again.

Could I have your attention please...

...Thank you, For now this will be the home of Spiderstu's World, so please update your links, favorites, scraps of paper or whatever you keep your web addresses on.

I'm leaving the old site up with a link to this place indefinitely and all the photos and older archives will still be there. I had decided to move to Blogger a while ago as I can't use any server side blogging technologies...yet!

I've been working on a new template for blogger too so I can make it my own and have everything where I want it. But for the time being I've chosen one of blogger's templates.

I'll try and get the template finished as soon as possible but bear with me as I'm not finding it easy trying to get it to work with blogger.

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