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ok quick update post. At present i'm working on my final film that I will do as part of the course in Kidderminster. The script is the longest i've written so far at 30 pages so if the one page of script equates to one minute of screen time rule holds true (which it almost never does) it should be about half an hour long. The story centres around two main characters one of which (vincent) is a very repelent charcater and is intent on alienating everyone in his social circle as part of a pathetic little game he is playing. The other character (kenny) is the final conquest in vincents game, but has figured out the what he's trying to do and has decided to play him at his own game.

The style of the film is quite experimental and i'm not sure if the audience will accept it but i'm going to try none the less. basically the film plays through from one characters point of view then we see the same story again but from the others persepective. I think it's success will lie in the editing part.

I'm filming on the week comencing the 8th may through until the 15th may, so right now i'm going through the script coming up with a shot list and rough story board ect.

I will get my other films online but not until the summer i'm going to re edit them in final cut pro, so you can look forward to that. Also if anyone is interested I might be offering certain films on dvd for a very small and reasonable price, i'd expect something like that in the next year. Mainly because my good freind Gareth Holton has agreed to work on scoring them which frees up any leagal issues involving music and sales. Also that means I can enter my films into festivals too and get my work out there a bit more.

I'll do my best to keep you posted on the progress of this latest film.



BTW sorry about any spelling mistakes NOrmally i would check it but time is a luxury i'm not going to have for the next three weeks, I knew yo'd understand.

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