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New Look

So I thought that as i've decided to start blogging again and take it a bit more seriously, the blog could do with a new look. As always the template is in no way designed by me, I found it from a quick Google search. Although I was looking for something quite specific this time round. I found a nice template that has tabs at the top because i'm in the process of opening a few other blogs for various projects that i'm working on, and I want to be able to link to them but have it look more like a website rather than a blog. One will be for the final film I made at Kidderminster North and South. In hindsight I felt that it would work better as individual episodes, so i'm planning on splitting that up and making some more of them eventually. I mean they're pretty easy to make. It's basically me and Liam, improvising about a random subject. Not much to think about from a camera point of view either, really it's just one angle, which works well because it affords us the ability to just go with it until it loses steam. Although I may play about with more angles in the future. It's always gotten a good response for it's content, but I think that because theres no change of location and camera work is very minimal it's a bit much for people to sit through for half an hour. So this is probably the right call. Also for people who have seen North and South there were a few conversations that didn't make it into the final cut mainly because of time, so they'll be available in the new format.

Also stay tunned because i'll be posting a new film on here very soon.

Who Will Watch The Watchmen

The Watchmen, possibly one of the greatest graphic novels of all time. Written by Alan Moore who in my opinion is a genius in this field. If your a fan of comics and you haven't already you really should read it... fuck it if you're a fan of good things read it, i don't think you'll be let down.

Well you may have heard that there is a film being made of said comic, Which i'm all for. Zack Snyder of300 fame is at the helm to direct.

Now that this baby is just starting to take it's first steps, we finally get some news on casting. AICN reports that three parts have been offered to actors.

So far it breaks down as Patrick Willson as Night Owl, Jude Law as Ozymandias and (sigh) Keanu Reeves as Dr Manhattan.

I mean come on Keanu (Whoah) Reeves. Don't get me wrong I don't think he's as bad as a lot of people make out, in fact I think he's a very commendable actor and I have enjoyed some of his performances, but come on the guy is just wrong for Dr Manhattan. If you're unfamiliar with the watchmen Dr Manhattan is the big blue guy on the picture, if you are familiar come on you've got to agree with me, say no to Keanu.

Besides if Keanu is in the Watchmen, doesn't that put him out of Point Break 2? Swayze and Reeves back in the saddle, now that is something I would pay to see Mr Reeves in...

...Well that and The Lake House 2...


Coincidentally Numb

Would you flinging flanging believe it, a new blog entry. It's been just over a year since I last wrote anything for this blog. I'm not entirely sure what happened I just seemed to lose my blogging mojo. Anyway i thought rather than doing a boring post bringing you up to speed on my life i'd talk about something else.

I brought the first series of Life On Mars the other day, which is very good, if you haven't watched it, you really should. It's a very well made program and it puts a nice spin on what might seem to be a cliche. Anyhoo, every now and again throughout the show the main character, Sam Tyler, played by John Sim has a bit of a freaky dream concerning this:

So the other night while watching I thought to myself something along the lines of "hmmm i wonder what the girl looks like now." I continue to watch Life on Mars and the sleep for then night.

The next morning when I arose I eventually clambered downstairs and switched on the T.V. After I had flicked through enough channels to ascertain that there wasn't really anything on, I ended up at Sky News. Where to my slack jawed surprise I find a story about the original girl from the test card!

Maybe you'll know what I mean when I say that this sort of thing can happen quite regularly. Obvious example, you think of a song and then it comes on the radio. Or sometimes you find out about something you didn't know about before and suddenly you see it everywhere. I have to admit that this test card one is quite a random occurrence, what are the chances of it?

Well I just thought I'd kick off a new season of blogging by informing you of that coincidental if not slightly odd happening.

More blogs to follow. I promise!

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